Trekking Tours

Trekking Tour in Svaneti

During the tour we witness poignant glaciers and waterfalls of a mountainous province Svaneti.The Svan people have conserved living towers, which slightly vary upon villages.

Day 1 – We start the tour by driving to vil. Mazeri, Svaneti province, northwestern Georgia. We overnight in a guesthouse Mazeri.

Day 2 – We walk to Ushba waterfall, then return to Mazeri again and overnight there in a guesthouse.

Day 3 – We walk via GuliPass, pass by vil. Guli, walk up to 2950 m., then walk down to Koruldi lakes (2700m), Ushba plateau. We overnight at camps in Koruldi.

Day 4 – We walk down from Kоruldi to Chalati Glacier, pass by bridge and drive to Mestia. We overnight in a guesthouse in Mestia.

Day 5 – We drive from Mestia to MulakhiValley and then walk from Chvabiani to Adishi. Horses will meet us in Adishi for crossing river. We need to walk 4 km. to cross the stream of river and then to walk on the road to 2600m altitude. We overnight in a guesthouses in Adishi.

Day 6 – We walk along AdishiValley, ChukhunderiPass – Iprari (we cross ChkutneriPass, enter Iprari, meet car to Ushguli). Drive to Ushguli. We overnight in a guesthouse in Ushguli.

Day 7 – We drive from Ushguli to Mestia, continue our way through Zugdidi and arrive toTbilisi

Trekking Khevsureti – Tusheti

Day 1 – We drive to Kazbegi, northeastern Georgia. We follow the military road and visit the 17th century AnanuriCastle on the way. The monument is presented by two churches that are wrapped in a wall. Our itinerary is a ski resort Gudauri. We overnight in a hotel in Gudauri

Day 2 – We walk up Kazbegi Mountain to Gergeti TrinityChurch. During this easy hike we pass through the local houses. Gergeti Trinity Church is located at 2 100m elevation on the background of Mt. Kazbek. We overnight in a guesthouse in Kazbegi.

Day 3 – We start our way through the local villages. First we drive to Jutta village, then walk to Shinidze Peak and overnight in camps. The luggage is carried by horses.

Day 4 – We continue walking and go up to Pass. Our car meets at Roshka and transfers us from Roshka to Shatili. We overnight in local families in Roshka village.

Day 5 – We walk from Roshka to Shatili historic highland, have dinner in Shatili, walk to Mutso, drive to Ardoti. We overnight in local families in Ardoti.

Day 6 – Walk from Ardoti to the foothills of Atsunda Pass. We overnight in camps near Atsunda Pass.

Day 7 –We traverse Atsunda Pass (3431 m.) and overnight in camps eastward beneath the pass

Day 8 – We walk to Village Dartlo. We visit Tushetian living towers in the village and overnight in a Guesthouse in Dartlo.

Day 9 – We walk to Girevi and afterwards drive to Omalo. Medieval Keselo Fortress is worth visiting. We overnight in a hotel in Omalo.

Day 10 – Drive to Kakheti area. We overnight in a hotel in Telavi.

Day 11 – From Kakheti we drive to Tbilisi, have a city tour. In the evening the travellers will enjoy Georgian feast at the restaurant, traditional Georgian songs and dances will be performed. Overnight in a hotel in Tbilisi.


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