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Rafting on Pshavi’s Aragvi

If you are seeking adventure in Georgia, do white-water rafting on Pshavi’s Aragvi! The trip has an easy difficulty rate, covers 15 km. and lasts for 1h 30 minutes. Professional rafting instructors arrange challenging competitions during the trip.

The rafting tour starts in vil. Magharoskari and ends in vil. Tvalivi. After the tour the travellers enjoy picnic at the AragviRiver.

Rafting on Rioni River

We invite you to a challenging white-water rafting trip on the Rioni River. The road leads to a beautiful Racha Region, Western Georgia. We depart to the destination either from Tbilisi or from Kutaisi.
Difficulty rate of the rafting trip is 3-5 , depending on the season.

The itinerary looks like this:

There are two routes available on the Rioni:

  1. Oni-Ambrolauri, 35 km, difficulty rate 4-5.
  2. Tvishi Canyon, 16 km, difficulty rate 3-4.

The itinerary looks like this:

Day 1 – Departure from Tbilisi to Oni (6 hours’ drive) or from Kutaisi to Oni (3 hours’ drive). Rafting trip from Oni to Ambrolauri, covering 30 km. in 3 hours. Night in tents / in a family house in Ambrolauri.

Day 2 – Rafting on Tvishi Canyon. The trip covers 16 km distance and lasts for 1 hour 40min. After rafting we depart to Tskaltubo and visit KumistaviCaves. Afterwards we depart to Tbilisi (3 hours’ drive) or to Kutaisi (half an hour’s drive).

Rafting on Mtiuleti’sAragvi

This white water rafting trip leads you to the Aragvi River near Pasanauri. The travelers can see Ananuri Fortress of the 17th century. The monument encloses two churches which are wrapped in a fortification. The landscapes are diverse, views of the fortress – spectacular!

Difficulty rate of the tour is easy (2.0). It starts at Pasanauri and ends in vil. Meneso, covering 13 km. The trip lasts for 1h 20 minutes. After the trip travellers have picnic at the river.

Rafting on the Mtkvari near Borjomi

Difficulty rate – 2-4.

There are two options of the start point – in spring (April, May), village Kvabiskhevi, since June when water level decreases – at Chitakhevi dam. Accordingly the lengths of the routes are: 12 km and 8 km. The tour ends in Borjomi.

Rafting on the Mtkvari near Vardzia

Difficulty rate: 2-4.

There are three routes at Vardzia:

  1. Mirashkhani – Tmogvi fortress, 8 km, difficulty rate: 2-4.
  2. Vardzia – village Pia, 6 km, difficulty rate 4-5.
  3. Khertvisi – Aspindza, 10 km, difficulty rate – 1-2.


  • Rafting season starts from the end of April and lasts till mid-October.
  • Before each rafting trip participants are held a special training (20-30 minutes).
  • Rafting is conducted by 8-10 seated standard rafting boats.
  • Every boat is accompanied by a qualified instructor!
  • Rafting season starts from the end of April and lasts till mid-October.
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