Horseback tours

Horseback tour 7 days

Horseback riding – it is a great way to get away from the daily routine and steep into the wonderful world that surrounds us. Communion with nature, getting true bright emotions and restore inner harmony. That is what awaits you in our tour.

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi, transfer to skiing resort Gudauri on the south slope of Big Caucasian Ridge, short horseback ride. Overnight in a hotel in Gudauri.

Day 2: Horseback hiking in Kobisettlement, located on Georgian Military Road, coming back in Gudarui. Overnight in hotel Gudauri.

Day 3: VisitingTrusso pass (which is rich in mineral waters, here you can see many historical and cultural monuments) on jeeps.Overnight in guesthouse in Kazbegi.

Day 4: Visiting Gergety Trinity Church (Cathedral, situated on the 2170 m. height was built in 14th century). Followed by horseback ride in picturesque settlement Juta. Overnight in family house in Juta.

Day 5: Majestic array Chauhi – visiting settlement Roshka. Overnight in a guesthouse in the village Korsha, next to Barisakho.

Day 6: Rafting tour on Pshavi’s Aragvi, have a rest in adventure camp Pshavi. After transportation to Tbilisi. Overnight in a hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 7: City tour in old Tbilisi, visiting a vine cellar, where visitors will have an opportunity to tasteGeorgian wines and chacha, make Georgian bread and sweets (churchkhela). Overnightin a hotel in Tbilisi.

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