Club ”Jomardi”

We introduced white water rafting in Georgia and, therefore, are often named as commercial white water rafting pioneers. Our official activities date from 2003 with initial concern on rafting tours and successfully cooperate with Georgian and foreign partniors.

The founder of “Jomardi” is MamukaBurduli.  The idea to make rafting tours in Georgia appeared him after working in the Fit&Fun Rafting Club Austria. The experience helped to cope successfully with this task.

In 2005 under the leadership of the club was held the first rafting championship, which was won by the team from Poti.

In 2009 by Adventure Club “Jomardi” was organized the first championship in triathlon (running, biking and rafting) in Georgia.

We expanded our services to biking, trekking and climbing tours and in 2007 we took up cultural tours as well. Currently we provide a range of activities to meet the requirements of both adventure- and tranquility-seeker tourists.

Scopes for our activities are extreme tours combined with safety and eco-friendliness. Whether you are going to explore Georgia via hiking “off-beaten tracks”, walking or horse-back riding in lush green meadows, rafting in wild mountainous rivers, mountain biking in elaborate paths or climbing on glaciers, here we are to provide useful tips and arrange suitable tours for you.

Whatever your requirements are, our staff will do its best to meet them. Just go through our web-site, pick up a tour and refer to us with your questions!


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