Biking Tours

Explore cultural and historical sites of Georgia through biking! UNESCO World Heritage sites, monastery complexes, cave cities and fortresses await you. They are dating from the various ages and provide an interesting glimpse at the history of Georgia. The tour is leading us to coniferous forests and nice sceneries.

Biking Tour in Greater Caucasus

Day 1 – We start the day with a short biking tour from Turtle Lake to Mtatsminda Plateau (3 h). In the afternoon we transfer to Gudauri ski resort and overnight there in a hotel.

Day 2 – We bike from Gudauri to Khevi province, vil. Stepantsminda. From the village we turn back to Sno valley and bike to vil. Juta. We overnight in tent.

Day 3 – We trek over the pass (5-6 h.), while bikes and luggage are carried by horses. From vil. Roshka we bike through the Aragvi valley to vil. Gudani. We overnight in tent.

Day 4 – We bike over the Datvijvari Pass (2600 m.) to Khevsureti area. We get to the ancient village fortress Shatili (1400 m) and overnight there in a guesthouse.

Day 5 – We bike back to Datvijvari Pass and further down to vil. Barisakho. We overnight in a local family house in Barisakho.

Day 6 – We bike from Barisakho to Jinvali Reservoir, over the pass to Tianeti. We overnight in a local family house in Tianeti.

Day 7 – We bike from Tianeti to Sabadura Pass, proceed to Tskhvarichamia, Saguramo and Mtskheta. Then we drive to Tbilisi. From Tbilisi we transfer with night train to Zugdidi, West Georgia.

Day 8 – In the early morning we arrive to Zugdidi and drive to vil. Jvari. We continue driving to Svaneti province and arrive to Becho Valley, vil. Mazeri. We overnight in local family house in Mazeri

Day 9 – We bike higher in the valley, in the direction of Ushba Waterfall. After lunch we bike to Mestia and overnight there in a guesthouse.

Day 10 – We bike from Mestia to the highest settlement in Europe – vil. Ushguli (2200 m). We overnight in a guesthouse in Ushguli.

Day 11 – We bike over the Sagharo Pass (2600 m) and down to Lower Svaneti Province, principal village Lentekhi. We overnight in a local family house in Lentekhi.

Day 12 – We drive to Tbilisi. On the way we visit Gelati Catherdral in Kutaisi. We overnight in a hotel in Tbilisi.

Biking Tour in Lesser Caucasus

Day 1 –  Drive to old capital Mtskheta. The city is considered as the UNESCO World Heritage site. We visit the 11th century Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the 6th century Jvari Monastery. We bike from Mtskheta to Gori (58 km. 320 m.↑ 200↓). On the way we visit Uplistikhe Cave Complex (3 h.). The monument is dated from the fifth century to the Middle Ages and its architecture shows various trends. We overnight in a family house in Gori.

Day 2 – We head from Gori to village Kareli. Here we visit Kintsvisi monastery, which lies in a 10 km distance from vil. Kareli. Kintsvisi Monastery Complex consists of three churches, belonging to the 10th and 13th centuries. We continue biking to Zama Valley (51 km. 700 m.↑). We overnight in tent.

Day 3  – This day we bike through the greenery. We bike over the pass and reach down to Gujareti Valley. Upon approaching vil. Timotesubani, we visit Timotesubani Church, buried in the greenery. From vil. Timotesubani we continue biking to Bakuriani (40 km. 1 500 m.↑ 1 000↓). We overnight in a hotel in Bakuriani.

Day 4 – We tour over the Tskhratskaro Pass (2480 m.). After crossing the pass, we bike down to Akhalkalaki. The road leads us to the interesting monuments of Samtskhe-Javakheti Region (54 km, 750 m. ↑ 750 m.↓). We overnight in a guesthouse in Akhalkalaki.

Day 5 –  We bike from Alkhalkalaki to vil. Kumurdo. The village has Kumurdo Church, which dates back from the 10th century and has interesting murals and engravings. After visiting vil. Kumurdo we bike down to Varzia Cave City. (60km 300m↑ 800m↓). We overnight in a guesthouse in Vardzia.

Day 6 – We start the day by visiting stunning Vardzia Cave City. The monument was built in the 12th century, during the ‘Golden Age’ of Georgia. Here you can see churches, chapels, parlours and refectories, all of them hewn in rock. Afterwards we bike to Akhaltsikhe (55km 800m↑ 600m↓). On the way we visit Khertvisi Fortress, which is one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia. The fortress is towering from a rocky hill and dates back from the 2nd century BC. We overnight in a hotel in Akhaktsikhe.

Day 7 –  We drive to Goderzi Pass. The area belongs to the Lesser Caucasus, the scenery is breathtaking. From Pass we bike to the beautiful city of Batumi (90km 2 000m↓). We overnight in a hotel in Batumi.

Day 8 – We tour in the city. The beautiful seaside and renovated buildings are worth visiting. We visit Gonio Fortress too. The fortress has gone through many invasions and is proven to be dated from the 2nd century AD. In the evening we depart to Tbilisi by train.

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